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Repetition is a business plan

A business plan can be so many things, to one person it is a series of actions based on getting your business towards the goal or objective you set out.

To another it may be a task list, the things that need to be done.

To a different person it may be the big picture plan with a beautiful vision as an end result.

Which ever level you have for your business plan, repetition will be afeature of it.

Someone once wrote a great article about repetition being the "Mother Of Skill", and I read it again recently as I found myself in a situation where I had begun to avoid using the empowering word choice techniques that I had so gratefully learned. Had I forgotten them ?

Or did I just decide to avoid doing what works best ?

Why would I avoid using them when they work so well ?

When I reviewed all this I discovered that repetition is a business plan, and that it would help me to plan to repeat actions over and over again.

Actions that work.

Small Business Plan : Repetition is the Mother Of Skill

"The key to his success is in the power of his follow through" and so how can we incorporate this into our daily lives.

When I reviewed my small business plan recently, I found that I took the decision to focus on making sure that I, or one of my team, have programmed repetitive actions that need to be done in order for this business to achieve the objectives my small business plan is written for.

I also found that as soon as I had a series of repetitive actions, I could look at the opportunity to teach someone else to do those same actions; if that was appropriate.

It's a little off topic, I understand, but I would like some opinions. I love the design of this page a lot:http://www.rainierfunding.com. I'm considering changing the feel of my site to something similar. Opinions? Let me know if you agree in the comments below. Anyway, back to the content.

Business Action Plan

My result was a business action plan, still with a big picture, but with a series of repetitive actions that have yielded results, and so I choose that my business continues to do them

For my own personal development, I have a series of actions for supporting my empowering word choices. However I have needed to decide to schedule a task weekly.

I have found that i just need that 15 minutes a week, to maybe watch a quick video, look at an amusing photograph, or read a detailed article and then I can follow through by keeping empowering word choices at the front of my written and verbal communication.

Plan Action Support

A business plan is more likely to be successful if I accept that I need support to carry out the actions that I plan to do. The mere placing the task on the list, and having a task based system to organize me fails to be enough. The support keeps me interested in doing the tasks required to implement my plan, and I now recognize this support as part of the overall actions; I need to give myself permission and time to get the support that is needed.

I'd like to end this article by giving credit where it's due. I had been talking to Chris from Camden Designs and the conversation inspired me to write this. Camden Designs is a top-notch printer based in Detroit situated in MICHIGAN and they've been excellent to me in recent times. Thanks for the idea guys! Ok, I'm officially signing off for the day. I'm exhausted. Until the next time!

Inspirations For This Article

http://ontarioexteriorsolutions.ca - Thank you for the late-night work Desiree 🙂
http://medicalfootsolutions.com - Great website.
http://www.safariscience.com - Where could I be without you?
http://concept-marketing.com/ - Absolutely worth reading.

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