Landfill Gas (LFG) Collection and Treatment Systems


Formerly SouthTex Renewables, Morrow Renewables is Agile Process Solutions’ sister company and provides an integrated, end-to-end landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) solution to the municipal solid waste (MSW) sector. Working with landfill owners, operators and waste management companies, Morrow Renewables can qualify, finance, develop, install, and operate projects that capture and process vented and fugitive methane to generate new revenue streams and reduce compliance risk for landfill partners.


Morrow Renewables engages in methane recovery by capturing landfill gas (LFG) through existing or planned LFG gathering systems. We then treat the gas with a cutting edge system that removes and destroys volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy hydrocarbons, and hydrogen sulfide, while removing carbon dioxide to make a pipeline quality salable gas product consisting of mostly methane.  Depending on the size of the landfill and gas production, we can often install and operate a system with no upfront cost to the landfill, while providing an attractive royalty on gas sales.


Morrow Renewables is staffed by professionals with years of experience in waste-to-energy and gas markets around the world.  Morrow Renewables has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and operating landfill gas (LFG) collection and treatment systems from top to bottom.  If you are interested in developing the most profitable long-term revenue stream from your landfill gas with a partner you can rely on, contact Morrow Renewables today. Let us help you determine if high BTU gas production is your best solution.