Contract Gas Treating Plant Operation

Contract Treating


Agile’s parent company, Morrow Energy, Inc., offers midstream gas treating plant operation on contract. Contract gas treating plant operation services involve partnering with a customer in the natural gas treatment process. The client does not have any of the expense associated with building or owning a gas treating plant… they simply opt for a monthly processing fee. Less operating capital is needed since Morrow Energy takes full responsibility for the permitting and construction; maintenance and operations; as well as decommissioning of the plant.


The benefits for every contract treating client begin with speedy delivery. With 20 years of operating experience and a massive onsite stock yard, Agile Process Solutions usually gets a plant up and running faster than anyone else. Deliveries are typically around 8-12 weeks from the order date, yet can be delivered in 6 weeks or less when the plant is available in stock.


The next obvious benefits come from having 97% or better run times. “Midstream gas treating plant operation on contract is virtually pain free because when we operate a plant we know if something needs to be replaced or not and can deal with it immediately” says Agile and Morrow Energy President & CEO Paul Morrow. Monthly performance reports are generated for clients’ convenience, and are utilized to maintain excellence.


There are many powerful advantages to contract treating:

  • No capital outlay for plant procurement and construction. Allows producers to drill additional wells rather than invest in a treating plant.
  • Ability to expense 100% of contract treating fees verses depreciation of gas processing plant equipment over a long period.
  • Environmental permitting and regulation compliance handled by Morrow Energy.
  • Guaranteed run-time with financial penalties for lack of performance.
  • Plant removal at end of term.
  • Technical troubleshooting done by Morrow Energy engineers.


Agile Process Solutions will meet your predetermined product specifications at a set price and guarantee operation. For more information, contact us today. Call (432) 563-0447.

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