Natural Gas Processing Plant Manufacturing

Agile Process Solutions, LLC is an experienced leader in oil and natural gas processing plant manufacturing and process design. In collaboration with Morrow Energy, Inc., we design, construct, sell and lease/operate custom and stock plants for amine treatment, glycol dehydration, oil & condensate stabilization, physical solvent treating, and NGL recovery (dewpoint control) and fractionation.


Formed to meet the diverse needs of today’s oil and natural gas producers and midstream operators, Agile Process Solutions is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in engineering and plant design/manufacturing/operation for wellhead and midstream oil and gas treatment. Our principals have operated several well-known service companies in the industry and have operated treating facilities with greater than 97% average runtime performance over a 5-year period.


Agile Process Solutions offers contract treating, plant leases, and also maintains a vast new and used equipment supply inventory at its private Midland, Texas complex. We have:

  • an experienced engineering staff utilizing high-end simulators, performing process and instrumentation diagram development, electrical and control design, equipment procurement and manufacture, skid mounting and piping, and site layout
  • gas processing equipment supply (new or reconditioned), with optional ASME modification on all reconditioned ASME code equipment (U1A and drawings available for the majority of reconditioned inventory)
  • capabilities required for plant installation and start up, and contract treating and operation. We offer startup assistance, ongoing technical support and customer service
  • highly skilled, certified and experienced staff capable of operating and maintaining our facilities at maximum output


Combining our practical knowledge with the latest technologies, Agile Process Solutions can handle your treating and natural gas processing plant manufacturing needs and projects from concept to operation. Top-notch process design, quality control and unsurpassed delivery unite with vertically-integrated economies of scale and no-nonsense integrity to create operational efficiencies hard to find under any one roof.


Got a challenging project or unusual production restraints? Maybe today is the day to find out about Agile Process Solutions, a new era in oil and gas treatment.

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