Agile Marks Return to Midstream Gas Plant Manufacturing

As the fracking explosion has increased demand on oil and gas equipment suppliers, it is only natural that producers and midstream operators have experienced more frequent supply, quality, and delivery issues as suppliers stretch capacity to increase volume. In response to this, several industry veterans have formed Agile Process Solutions, LLC — and they are re-inventing the gas plant manufacturing business from top to bottom with a “people first” strategy.

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Midland, TX (PRWEB) April 24, 2015 –

In the natural gas processing industry, the role of plant engineering and manufacturing occupies a tightly-held space, difficult for new companies to break into successfully. But the industry’s latest addition, Agile Process Solutions, LLC, is a rebirth of a previously successful company owned by industry veterans with over thirty years’ experience in design, fabrication and manufacturing of oil and gas processing plants. And Agile’s “new” business strategy is already a proven one that makes so much sense it may have been taken for granted during the fracking boom… tool the business and each of its processes to best serve the customer, and the volume will follow.


In 2011, the owners of Morrow Energy sold their flagship gas plant manufacturing and contract operating company, SouthTex Treaters, to Kinder Morgan. After 25 years of steady growth, it might have seemed to the casual observer that the Morrow family was no longer in the midstream oil & gas business. But they never lost their passion for it, and in many respects, their landfill gas (LFG) plant manufacturing business created after the sale of SouthTex, Morrow Renewables, formed a suitable backbone for starting up a new equipment supply and contract operating business. If they chose to, they could go back and perfect what they started long ago.


And that is exactly what the Morrows decided to do. After partnering with their former Director of Sales and Engineering Nader Khaki, Agile Process Solutions, LLC was born — ready with full manufacturing capability and the benefit of many years’ hindsight in the industry. Without abandoning the qualities that made their previous success possible, the owners of Agile Process Solutions are re-inventing their gas plant manufacturing operations from the ground up, re-defining every aspect of the business by refining automation processes, building in-house capacity and, more importantly, putting human resources and the customer experience in front of everything else.


According to Nader Khaki, Vice-President of Agile, “We aren’t just managing a lot of third-party contractors. But even when you have the entire supply chain under one roof and you have refined your manufacturing processes, and you never take so much business at one time that you exceed your capacity, your team and corporate culture can create big problems when you don’t approach that side of your business with equal emphasis and well-executed strategy.”


Khaki went on to explain how, in addition to cultivating raw talent and training future industry leaders, Agile is now applying the same human resources strategy to even first-line production staff. The company is creating a culture in which that talent is blended with and groomed for the experience of senior leadership to provide perpetual continuity in excellence, innovation and company values.


Agile CEO Paul Morrow, former president of SouthTex Treaters, has seen a lot during his twenty years in the gas processing industry, in both up and down markets international and domestic. As co-owner of Agile with Nader Khaki, he is a driving force behind key changes being made with Agile, changes he believes will transform the way business gets done. According to Paul, “Because we are starting over, we are in a position to deliberately build our operations around a customer-centric strategy right up front. We are being much more methodical about things that just seemed to ‘fall into place’ before, by articulating and standardizing everything that worked for us there so it can become a permanent part of Agile business culture from the outset.”


Morrow continued with what this means for Agile Process Solutions and its customers. ”They say you can only have two out of three when it comes to price, quality and speed, and that is generally true. But I think Agile Process Solutions is a unique convergence of people, resources, automation and strategy that is capable of delivering on all three consistently over time. Agile is creating a business culture and production environment that completely sidesteps the usual hang-ups that can plague a manufacturer. Our work and customer experience speak for themselves, and we are anticipating rapid word-of-mouth validation that Agile is the best all-around solution for fast, quality and affordable gas processing plant design and manufacturing.”

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