Advanced Gas Processing Plant Engineering



Agile Process Solutions is a natural gas treating supplier privately owned by Morrow Energy. The company began as SouthTex Treaters in 1986 for the primary purpose of providing contract gas treating services and equipment. Offering advanced natural gas processing plant engineering, Agile Process Solutions operates alongside its sister company, Morrow Renewables, continually expanding Morrow Energy’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Both companies sustain Morrow Energy’s exponential growth with process design, manufacturing, construction, startup and contract operation of varied types of gas treatment plants. Some of these types include landfill gas plants, amine plants, physical solvent plants, glycol dehydrators, condensate stabilizers, refrigeration/dewpoint control plants, and catalytic oxygen removal units.


The founders of Agile Process Solutions have sold hundreds of plants throughout the Barnett, Haynesville and Eagle Ford shale plays, and across Texas. The company principals have distributed gas processing equipment and process assemblies elsewhere in the U.S. and throughout the world, and currently operate five plants across Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.


Company Culture: Innovation, Integrity & Sustainability
Privately owned and financed by David, Paul and Luke Morrow of Midland, Agile Process Solutions has kept the company mission and objectives undivided by outside interests, has kept employees thriving, and has kept the focus on strong customer relationships and service while providing advanced gas processing plant engineering solutions.


According to Paul Morrow, Agile Process Solutions president, “The continuity of ownership, leadership and experience at Agile Process Solutions has helped us to create a tangible business culture of ethics, teamwork and personal excellence that shows in everything we produce. We have very little turnover, with employees and customers alike, and an environment of innovation that has already led to some new patent-pending technologies.”


Perhaps most noteworthy with regards to superior gas treating and gas plant design solutions is Agile’s vertical integration of capabilities and services.


From chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering to plant & process design, equipment supply and fabrication, gas plant construction, installation, start-up assistance, tech support and even contract gas plant operation, Agile Process Solutions has the entire value chain for gas plant construction and operation covered in-house. This saves customers time and money, creates a better service experience, and helps Agile preserve quality and integrity in the chain of midstream gas treatment options customers have to choose from.


Capabilities: No Glass Ceiling
Agile principals have treated as much as 200 million cubic feet per day for clients, and have built treating facilities capable of more than a billion cubic feet per day. As SouthTex Treaters, the company averaged over thirty amine treating plants sold per year, along with liquids recovery plants, dehydrators, stabilizers and other related treating and processing equipment.


The fundamental nature of Agile manufacturing and design capabilities, combined with financial strength, technical prowess and creativity, allows the company to explore a variety of geographical markets as well as new gas processing technologies. For example, the first cow manure-to-pipeline gas plant of its kind in the world was designed and built by the Morrows, and became operational in 2006. Morrow Energy’s LFG division, Morrow Renewables, also leads the way in high-BTU landfill gas (LFG) plant design and operation in the U.S., and has even developed a fleet of service vehicles fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) produced at these landfill plants.


With the vertical integration of services and economies of scale Morrow Energy has achieved over time, Agile Process Solutions and its customers benefit from a thriving operational structure and project portfolio that have been refined through continuous expansion, even in the worst of times. As producers and operators currently seek out processes and technologies that optimize output while minimizing infrastructure and operational overhead, Agile Process Solutions stands poised to become a ubiquitous name in the future of global midstream infrastructure development.

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