Advanced engineering.

Raw talent combines with industry experience across several generations, providing continuous excellence and innovation in chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering. While cultivating the next generation of industry professionals, senior leadership increases project efficiency in all phases of project design, shipment and commissioning.

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In-house supply chain.

Agile offers all capabilities required for design, project management, material procurement, fabrication, shipment, installation, start-up, quality assurance and commissioning services for oil and gas process equipment. High safety protocols and accident-free performance help to achieve maximum output.

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Carefree gas treatment.

Having operated well-known gas processing companies for over thirty years, Agile leadership has finely-honed the relationship between skilled staff, refined process and client relations to produce some of the highest performing and most dependable processing facilities on the planet. Our objective on every project is making you look good.

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  • Commercialization of pyrolysis oil in existing refineries—Part 1
    In Part 1 of this article, the incentives and information needed to relax the constraints of being O-free are outlined. The authors hope that this perspective provides new directions for improving the economics of using pyoil to produce advanced biofuels (ABFs).
  • Handling mercaptans in gas processing plants
    With the continued development of sour gas fields around the world, the removal of mercaptans from gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon streams is becoming a challenge for today’s gas processing plants.
  • Shift to gas: A contribution on the path to sustainability
    The COP21 event left the world with new mandates to develop and implement low-emissions energy sources to power the global economy. To limit global warming, the world must increase the use of resources like natural gas, which offers a quick, relatively clean and inexpensive interim step in the global transition from high-emissions resources to renewable […]
  • Failure analysis of olefin furnace radiant tubes
    A detailed failure investigation into the cracking of ethylene furnace radiant tubes included visual, fractographic, metallographic, scanning electron microscopy/x-ray spectroscopy, and hardness and chemical examinations. These analyses showed that the tube crack was initiated by thermal shock, accompanied by restrained thermal expansion due to internal coke layer formation. Details of the failure’s contributing factors, and […]

Natural Gas Processing Plant Design and Manufacturing



Formerly SouthTex Treaters, Agile Process Solutions, LLC is not new. But we are a new type of oil & gas treating plant and equipment supplier, focused on service integrity, accuracy and high-end craftsmanship in customized oil & gas treatment solutions. Our years of experience in the business have taught us that quality, integrity, dependability, adaptability and over-the-top client services create LONGEVITY – not only with your finished product, but with our relationship. With Agile, you are so much more than just another project.


We are an experienced leader in oil and natural gas processing plant design and manufacturing. In collaboration with Morrow Energy, Inc., we design, construct, sell and lease/operate custom and stock plants for amine treatment, glycol dehydration, oil & condensate stabilization, physical solvent treating, and NGL recovery (dewpoint control) and fractionation.


Agile Process Solutions was formed to best meet the diverse needs of today’s oil and natural gas producers and midstream operators. We are the culmination of over 30 years’ experience in engineering and plant design/manufacturing/operation for wellhead and midstream oil and gas treatment, with over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of mechanical, process and chemical engineering. Our principals have operated several well-known service companies in the industry and have operated treating facilities with greater than 97% average runtime performance over a 5-year period.


Combining our practical knowledge with the latest technologies, Agile occupies the market space between the majors and the start-ups – financially independent, internationally active, nimble and capable enough to handle a broad variety of gas treating and natural gas processing plant manufacturing projects from concept to operation. At Agile, top-notch process design, high end automation, quality control and competitive delivery unite with vertically-integrated economies of scale and no-nonsense integrity to create operational efficiencies hard to find under any one roof.


Got a challenging project or unusual production restraints? Need the highest quality, unsurpassed service and timely response? Maybe today is the day to find out about Agile Process Solutions, a new era in oil and gas treatment.


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